Offres de projets de laboratoire pour les étudiants de master 1


 SubjectSupervisor (lab.)Student
1Evolution of the protolunar diskBenoît Noyelles (Utinam, Observatory)Alban Humbert
2Numerical integrators for celestial mechanicsBenoît Noyelles (Utinam, Observatory)Oveis Mahmoudi
3Investigation of the growth of methane clathrate hydrates using molecular simulationsAntoine Patt (Utinam)Cyril Tsilefki
4When natural proteins prevent water from freezing…Sylvain Picaud (Utinam) 
5Decoherence of a localized fermion coupled to a spinfoamQuentin Ansel (Utinam, Observatory) 
6Maximization of self-stimulated spin-echo trains from inhomogeneously broadened spin ensemblesQuentin Ansel (Utinam, Observatory)Jana El Badawi
7Is it possible to characterize the neuronal chaotic activity by magnetic resonance?David Viennot (Utinam, Observatory)Neha Binish
8Non commutative eigenequations and physical applicationsDavid Viennot (Utinam, Observatory)Enzo Paradis
9Toward super-resolution mapping of radioastronomical dataJulien Montillaud (Utinam, Observatory) 
10Spectroscopic characterization of low-mass star-forming regionsJulien Montillaud (Utinam, Observatory)Yara Hariri
11Using neural networks to remove the baseline of radioastronomical spectraJulien Montillaud (Utinam, Observatory) 
12Using neural networks to classify protostars by comparison with simulationsJulien Montillaud (Utinam, Observatory)Barnabé Déforêt
13Extinction map of the low-mass straight filament G110-13Julien Montillaud (Utinam, Observatory) 
14Hyperchaotic snap oscillator of van der Pol-Duffing for describing systems in physics, engineering and biologyJeanna Buldyreva (Utinam) 
15La phosophorine PH3Azzedine Lakhlifi (Utinam, Observatory) 
16Molecular dynamics simulation of the adsorption of oxygen on a copper surfaceLudovic Martin-Gondre (Utinam,) 
17Diffusion of diatomic molecules in gas hydrateLudovic Martin-Gondre (Utinam) 
18Light-matter interaction with strong fields by using the Schrödinger-Floquet theoryDavid Viennot (Utinam, Observatory) 
19Transneptunian object database and survey simulatorJean-Marc Petit (Utinam, Observatory) 
20Carbon isotopic ratio in giant stars: the missing puzzle of stellar evolutionNadège Lagarde (Utinam, Observatory)Tanya Kushwahaa
21Climate networksJosé Lages (Utinam, Observatory)Luna Murgia
22Simulation d’images avec l’instrument MICADOPhilippe Rousselot (Utinam, Observatory)Titouan Bonnot